I'll never forget the confusion one experiences after being in a major disaster event like the 2016 Flood in South Louisiana. Not only are you trying to piece together what you may have left, clean up and gut your home, you are also bombarded with advice and information on Social Media. You should do this, you shouldn't do that. During this time there was oh so much false information that was being put out there. And, eventhough my husband and family were quite knowledgable in this situation, we still fell into some of those traps of mis-information. 

Starting a business is much the same in this massive information era that we are in. Thousands of websites and social media groups bombarding you daily with projects, ideas, DIY, and advice. Make this, sell this, learn that. My first year in business I for certain fell in this trap also. Being in the makers/crafters industry the sky is the limit in what you can do, build, and learn. While there is more information at our finger tips than ever, finding your place in this industry is a whole different kind of ball game. 

In 2018 I am already learning to find what suits me and my business. I had to get rid of that old adage "Everyone is doing it so why can't I"? The truth is that I shouldn't do it BECAUSE everyone else is doing it. Right?? So, how do I stand out, how do I set myself apart? First and foremost, I must give EXCELLENT customer service and over-deliver on great quality items. Second, I must find not only the items that are different and set apart, but that I also LOVE making and creating. Third, I must always lead with my FAITH in my everyday endeavors and more importantly when pursuing my dream.... Here is to 2018!